Phrasal Verbs


A phrasal verb is one whose meaning is completed by the use of a particle. Phrasal verbs are multiple word phrases consisting of a verb and a adverb or a verb and a preposition. Different particles can give rise to different meanings. The verb "take" participates in a number of phrasal verb constructs - for example:

take in deceive He was taken in by the swindler

take in help, esp. with housing The homeless refugees were taken in by the Sisters of Mercy

take up accept They took up the offer of help. take off remove She took off her hat. verb + preposition phrases (take off, give up)

A phrasal verb is a type of multiword verb which is made up of a verb + an adverb particle, e.g. look after - A mother looks after her children.

Separable phrasal verb

A phrasal verb in which the particle can be separated from the verb, e.g. He looked up a word. / He looked a word up.

Multiword Verbs

Multiword verbs are made up of a verb and one or more particles. A particle may be a preposition or an adverb.